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Some really odd 'connections' ghosts among me 'angel care'

Sunday, August 18 2013

dream 1- I had some unusal dreams last night, I am in a big building, which I recall it was a school,since I am eating lunch at a crowded table, and near my friends, I happen to notice some one at a distance that looks familiar ..I continue eating and talk to marlene, we our going over to another part of the lunch room, and started working on our project for science..A lot of students were , and its a noisy cafe ..I am laying down , I think, and trying to fix something under the telescope [I thi

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Old Dolls coming to life again and Possible exlosion-mom

Wednesday, May 23 2012

dream 1- I had some weird dreams last night.. I was in some old-two story house, and Sylvia [the old doll we use to play with ]- was near the stove and its a very old stove since it wasn't looking like it could even be used ... well she's starting to cook some sausage links in a broil pan on this stove. She starts to broil and then she tries to turn on the light-fan "MM dam thing" she mutters I try to tell her "Don't turn that on ." but she doesn't listen and I could see that the stove was brigh


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