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Road Less Traveled- [been there before?}

Thursday, July 9 2009

dream- I am at home, and I think about going to maine, I know dad is around too and mom . I even am starting to pack my bags, and stuff- I don't even really see mom or Laurie, but I hear them? I am really ready to go but -something inside me says "I can't drive myself" I tell mom about the reluctance, and she agrees - I recall something about those widing roads and narrow streets. I do though recall going to the scene, that is in maine and there are bumpy roads and also -I think I have been here

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Driving me crazy [talking heads]

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, May 15 2007

scene 1) Well I finally have some dreams to write down. I recall I am actually driving down a highway at top speed. I usually feel uneasy about driving- and awkard in dreams [i don't drive] - well this time i was speeding and going smoothly down the highway . I felt good . I went to this building. There was some heads on the wall - I think one of them was even a brides vampire head I have on my wall. Yes over my bed- . Well they were talking and I was cleaning up somethi


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