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Opening the flood gates * A day with whoopi

Lucid Intent
Thursday, October 15 2015

dream 1  I am with Kris and We were in  my unit.  We were talking about some things, Then It got heated about the receipts and how I wasn't going to give her them anymore, She was shoched  and not relenting on this. I am feeling very heated. I was seeing her getting steamed up . I  think  she was younger here, looking in her late teens . She kept talking about how she will take the money and make sure I don't take it all. I said "I am not stupid about w

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Taking care of mom and dad & feeling left out

Tuesday, January 10 2012

dream 1) I am at home, and taking care of mom and dad, they are ill, and in mom's bed, I am trying to make dad lay down, he was trying to give a shot to himself standing up,[on the bed]- and i was telling him 'You can't give a shot standing on a bed " and he did in his stomach. He went to the bathroom and was using something that was loud and I asked "Why does he have to use that bathroom?" Mom and I are trying to sleep. Dad was just moving around even though he had a fever. [wearing only his bo


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