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Death of a loved one,

Thursday, January 20 2011

dream- I am at home, and this dream feels strange, since some odd things go on with our family. We are all at the house, and talking about some party? and Joey is acting unusual strange and asking about some book- and then I was working on something spiritual with kris? and was trying to find a quiet place to sleep, but even in mom's room i could hear some noise, and was someone using something a machine, and then Mom comes in, and something is going on with her, and I was asking her "Are you ok

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Dare to take the dolls ? dreams in bed and bath [short]

Monday, June 14 2010

note think in other dream on the shelf there is a baby and I took her down guess it was a girl related to the boys and thats what the father was trying to hide-  nice baby happy-.  2- then I am with Kris and laurie at home, I am trying to hide the dolls- we use to play with [niece and I ]- and I had them in the closet, and I hear laurie say that to KRis and she is telling her where they were, and I am so angry I yelled and said "LEave them alone don't touch them" KRis really told me I


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