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Some very ODD company and scenes..

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 8 2014

dream- I am in Laurie's kitchen ,having come in from the porch, and was spitting in the sink..I felt I couldn't go back out there since there is still some light shining through, it was getting dark..but  had to go rushing in and spit in the felt like my head was going to fall off..and there was a 'zombi' in the porch , just sitting, I was feeling 'threatend' and yet I felt like I was a 'vampire' was threatened by the zombi- ..* but ot also fel

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Haunted house- ? dead girl-.? weird dreams white sleigh

Tuesday, January 11 2011

dream-1 weird dreams,well I am going to this big house, and was suppose to be taking care of some child, The house is so big and nice. well the first scene though I think I am out in my  backyard and  I was with Ron, and seeing some odd things in the sky, and we went over towards the end of the gate on nicole side, and I saw something white in the sky and it oddly is a white sleigh, and was attached to something vines and I asked "What the hell is that doing in the sky" - and he was sa


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