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MOM DEAD? Hard to escape the creepy's

Sunday, June 26 2011

dream 1- I am around a LOT of people, and Its a hospital I think, We are waiting news on mom and I guess the doctors  are telling us that she isn't doing well and needs some operation, and I guess it was her heart and I was so stunned. I was sitting in some seats and looked oddly like a movie theater and I went running out after I heard and told them "SAVE HER" and they had to calm me down.  2- went home and is in the kitchen and in disbelief about all this. I had a convo with mom and

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Boring movie but finding treasures

Friday, May 25 2007

scene 1) I recall being at some movie theater and with my friend marlene. We are sitting in the center seats. We had some food with us. I was finding things under our steat. I happen to look and its some barbie stuff. I was like "I think this movie is boring" - So I was taking the stuff underneath the seat and I happen to put them in something. I don't know what the movie was about. It felt like it might of been about christmas. I was having the items in the box and she got up .

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Comical Act of Vampizm

Lucid Intent
Friday, April 13 2007

Theme - Well Been wanting to dream of vampires, and actually be one, so Last night I was one. I went in this odd place that is like a movie theater but also part of a house/ least thats what I thought it was. I go in and there is no one in the movie theater. I just go past that area,through some hall that is red. I wasn't really aware that I am a vampire, until I felt the sun on my arm. then it burned and I had to cower from the sun and hear some voices. I hear there is some male v


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