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If the shoe is lost -find the owner

Monday, February 25 2008

Dream 1- I recall that I am at home, and then I was outside [snow] and with gravlins.  I recall being out in the backyard [theirs] with Ben and we were going around the snow and we went out towards by my sister's house [which is next to theres]-and I recall she was calling for Ben and we went back up towards his house, but I found some woman's shoe?  It was red I think? and I wondered who it belonged to. I don't think that Ben new who  It belonged to but I took it with me and

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Insults will get you to a movie ? [lol]-

Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 26 2006

scene 1 Remember being at a movie theatre- and there was some movies we wanted to see but I think we were waiting for it to start- [marlene and I ]- something had to stall us because I remember breaking the ticket in half- and there was some woman there with baby [crazy lady]- and she was talking to us. I was thinking the movie will start soon- and I had to go inline to wait for some other ticket? I remember that the movie had already started- I couldnt actually go in and

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Movie Makers-

Friday, December 9 2005

scene 1- I am at this movie theatre? I was meeting marlene and her family is there- we aren't exactly sitting on seats- we are oddly on the floor waiting to go in and see this movie- I think I remember this place from one other dream when I had gone to the movies and it was a big place- I was wondering why they were on the floor- and I didn't know we were watching the movie- since there was a screen in front of us {couldn't see what was on it]- and Ed was doing something


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