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Moving ODD things * lost on bus?

Sunday, January 25 2009

dream- I am at home, and picking up somethings around the house. I think we are getting the house ready because we are moving? I recall that the snow-shovel- is in my room, and I am trying to get it out, but when I am picking up the door downstairs that we had taken off for mom's wheelchair, I hear that mrs B- wants our snow-shovel. So  I had to move the door a bit closer to the closet and go back upstairs to help her see where it is. The odd part was in the dream that it is actually sittin

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Friday, June 6 2008

dream 1) I am in some weird building, that had some wine on some shelfs,and I was with some older gentleman,whom is out in the hall at the moment. I was checking out the wines on the shelf and there were some other people there. I was testing the wine and pouring it out. He came in and saw what I was doing,  He comes up to me and sees the wine being poured out he says "What are you doing, don't you want me to share it with you?" getting annoyed- . and I was like "I don't like


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