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Twisted sisters and other freaks.. Nosing around

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 7 2014

   dream-- I am with Laurie and Kris, think at our old home, I don't recall to much of what we were doing, but it had to do with kris being 'picky' about something in my old room..and fixing it up to 'her liking' I remember being with her..and trying to put the other stuff that I like up, but I think she puts them somewhere else.. I know there were other scenes...damit.. .I had recalled them a while ago...some were about home, and also freak show- the little char

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Moving on up or down 'Famous area ''

Friday, July 19 2013

dream 1- I am at home,and I see mom at her desk, and I tell her "I am going to move my room to another room '' I am not sure where , it got a bit confusing since she said 'oh yeah?" not really interested  I felt I am in the middle room, and yet felt like I am also downstairs, and has the bedroom stuff downstairs and it looks like I am also in my old room [and also could see through a clear plastic to another room, why I am so confused, since I see both rooms and mom through the plastic, and


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