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murder among fame *

Tuesday, April 11 2006

scene 1- I am at school, and Jameson parker [simon and simon]- is the teacher- . He is telling us that we had to do some type of floor excersise. There is a matt there and We are standing along it- I was seeing what we had to do with our hands-and I was trying to do it but some reason I couldn't do the certain things with the hands, that the kid next to me [girl] could do it * We had to go on our stomach and fold our hands- in , and - I was just acting like I was doing that-

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"Murder Thy Neighbor. " mom the murderer

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, March 7 2006

Scene 1- Just going to make notes of this nightmare for now. I will have to say that it SURE was some nightmare. The theme really is MURDER. Also the person who did the murdering was my MOTHER. Setting is a hotel . I don't recognize the hotel. MOM gets annoyed and angry at the neighbor woman . She hears her noise and sometimes she would come over to bug us. So mom takes out this big knife, and she kills the woman. I am shocked she would do this. I don't really recall


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