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Trashy waters & squirels heavenly pants

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, September 7 2016

This is from yesterday's dreams- I recall being in some brown water..was not high, only above the ankles..I saw some 'junk' floating around which made me a bit peeved ''Why would they throw junk in a water-hole?" despite the fact that the water was a 'brownish' color.. there is some older man, and he says ''It gets cleaned up now and then,'' Didn't see his face, just when he was taking me through the water and I saw some 'cig butts

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Swampy Conditions.

Tuesday, July 19 2005

Setting-strange land. Its like a farmland , but there is swamp around. I am viewing it at first. There is some man that looks to be from a Clan. He appears to have escaped from them. Since I see him running through the field. He is on the farmers land now. I didn't think that he would go through the swamp {since there might be dangerous creatures in there.}.But he seemed so anxious to get out of there and he was even going swimming in the murky water. Its kind of funny here, b


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