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The OLD SChool Chums

Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 10 2008

Dream 1- I recall I am with an old neighbor again, and we are talking over at his house- We were doing something In the kitchen? and Then we had to get ready for school I think it was. - and I was walking down the street [snow]- with him and wondering what bus we should take. Again another dream about the bus. - WE go to the buses and I was thinking we go on the other one, but we went on the one that was crowded. - There were mostly students and they were mostly boys. -

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Hospital trouble and old neighbors

Thursday, December 27 2007

dream 1- some other odd dream about being at home first I think and MOM was having trouble so was max , and we ended up in scene 2 around some odd looking hospital. I think dad was there as well and the others. We were waiting for results from mom she had her shirt open and was having examination- it was weird because we didn't even know max was there for tests and so was mom and dad - The room was like a waiting room? but had other tables for people to lay on. I was talking to max


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