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Becoming a part of the indian clan-Harry and I near a cliff

Lucid Intent
Saturday, September 16 2006

scene 1 Think these are short scenes, but I know it had to do with being with some indian clan. We are up on some mountain and doing some dancing. Was like a ritual. I felt like I am being put in as part of the clan and having make up on my face and new name etc The chief has white greyish hair and is very old having smoke around me. There is another daughter that has some jewerlry to put on me after the painting. I can't recall the name they gave me? But then for some reas

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I am Aladdin ?

Sunday, June 18 2006

scene 1- This is surely a very odd dream- For it has to do with Sobels again [ex-neighbors from a loong time ago ) and also some cartoon characters Aladdin. - I remember being in some school - but the school season was over- but we were in the school still . Something odd was going on. I am with Jasmine and Aladdin [they are in cartoon form ]- I think I had some responsibilty for taking care of a baby boy [sobels halle this time] when I went to a classroom- I actually was looki


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