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New apartment?

Wednesday, November 4 2009

dream- I recall that I go to some building , and I went up into a apartment, and there wasn't any furniture in there, Though I was liking it very much , and  the walls didn't even have any paints, or wallpaper just being new- , or worked on. - I am - , then actually patting the walls and then I go see some pictures on the wall that are nice and foliage like, and I open the door to the balcony and I am like , "well this is nice " - and pleased with everything. - Though it wasn't - really com

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Shabby Living arrangements

Lucid Intent
Thursday, November 8 2007

scene 1- I am actually moved out of my house. I had gone past my friends house and I saw some gate was open? though I think the area around her place was different. I was going to my place where I moved in. Though when I got there its a shabby building. Not very well kept up. I also think there was a roommate. Since I recall talking to her about being able to get a new couch. Since the one that she was sitting on was shabby as the building. Though I don't know if we could afford it


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