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Jacuzzi surprise Cracked in two /Tornado in Cuba

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, June 28 2016

1) I had another 'Tornado' dream ' though this time I didn't see it really . The first scenes are actually at our old home I am in the living-room and Laurie was just coming back. I had been out as well, but not clear on where..  She tells me she has purchased something for me . I stood in front of her, and  I asked "What is it?" she was oddly going to put some 'make-up' on me, It only looked like eyeshadow when she opened it . "Can't te

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Friends on the news

Saturday, December 31 2005

scene 1- This is a bit odd- because I am viewing and yet participating- The scene appears to be in the old ames department in the mall- and I was hearing about a person that had brought there dog shopping on a tiny cart- and I was hearing that they had been filmed- on tv- I thought about marlene and Ed how they would bring Luna their puppy to stores- That's when I did see them come in with Luna- on a tiny cart- and the odd thing was she had white hair like a poodle on her head


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