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THe Kiss off

Friday, March 2 2012

dream- I had another dream of mom - and she is sick again, we are all taking care of her. Its like in the dream she is in her room laying down talking and all up beat. Then she is in the middle room , and I see her sitting up, and talking about the dog. She is on a couch bed but we don't have one in real life there. I was thinking "She must be afraid to let go" since I see some of her veins getting bigger. I was asking her things, and she wasn't really sure if she was aware I am there. I had to

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School Nursery and aliens

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 17 2006

scene 1- I am in school and with Barb Allen- We are first in the classrooms, and then there is some female teacher that tells me that I had best get some credit done or I wouldn't pass the course. So I had to go to the library and find some books- I think some were of hauntings. So I was doing my haunting projects. Though When I told Barb and marlene about the projects they were telling me that they didnt hear of any other project that had to be done- . I am shocked and Had to go to


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