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Too Many Demands & ocean is my home

Sunday, June 1 2014

dream 1-I am around our neighborhood and old home [in dream its brown ] was a sunny day, and am doing something in the backyard...we were starting to open 'the pool' and I am raking around the area of the pool , dad is doing something with the scimmer, and I am feeling 'elated' since the pool is going to be open, and summer is here...I happen to go outfront and I am looking for something, Not sure what it was- *  I go over by michaels and notice he is moving his 'lawn' to be 'bigger' as I c

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Am i norman bates 'twin' lost

Tuesday, May 21 2013

dream - don't really recall to much ..was about the bates hotel and norman [in school] and was getting annoyed about the classmates saying things about norman and I how we are the same..and norman is thinking its funny , and I finally lost it yelling "I am not like you! stop spreading things around'' norman had a smirky look on his face and some blood was around him..but only i was able to see it and I went past him and was going to get stuff out of my locker and everyone is pointing or whisperi


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