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odd requests..with gilligan on an island

Monday, October 15 2012

dream- there was another dream....had to do with home and past, since mom was around and she is doing something strange with some bubble machine...out on the old steps....and scott is around too...was with dad and working around the house.....and she is wearing the dark green outfit again,and recall something else strange with people and was in a building ,not sure where,getting some drawings done and it felt like we had to be working and forced do odd things ..recall the guy was the o

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Had a great Fall- & Odd Requests

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 27 2008

scene 1- this was a disturbing dream. I am out by some hotels I think? I am with Mom and Laurie? I went outside- and I see Hershey was running towards some stairwells. I am trying to get her to stop, but she won't and I could see her go down down falling to the ground below. Though oddly she landed like she was sleeping. ? I wasn't sure she was ok. Think I was concerned she was dead. I believe I woke up then. I went to hug her since she was staying with us last night and the other ni

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Vampire Attack and odd request

Thursday, December 27 2007

scene 1- I recall being in this weird apartment. - I was trying to search for something [don't know what] When I knew some people were coming. The apartment was strange and it had a retro look and even a stairway . i was trying to clean up something I think- and that's when this woman with black hair comes in wearing a long white dress and looking like a Goddess?? well She sees me trying to do something around this table that had all this stuff on it. Well she was hovering over me an


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