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Captivating heart

Monday, March 10 2008

dream 1- This surely is a bizarre dream. Esp since there is a man [i think frm 18 hundreds] that is able to take someone's heart out and put it back in.which is what he did. Set the scene- There is a party going on. I am there. I was watching the people and they looked to be dressed in fancy old gowns-. I don't know the room that I was in but it was a fancy place too. I am near the crowd and there is a man that has certain powers over people since he was telling me that I had to stay here and

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Waiting for signs?

Monday, September 24 2007

scene 1) Something about Rachel's friend. {had met her in maine} we were in the neighborhood. I was with them and over near Michael's house. Some weird things were going on. I am waiting for them to come over to Michaels house- and on the side of the fence. For some reason I felt that we're waiting for someone to come back? and I was with some animals. I felt I am waiting for Hannah. [her friend] and she is doing something with Rachel. I did meet up with them. I think Hannah was lo


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