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Rickety old bridge safe or unsafe?

Friday, May 13 2011

dream 1- Some weird dreams, I am with some people, I think Scott and Max and some other people I didnt know, we were going around the lime kiln bridge, the old set up was there. I remember being in a building nearby where we could see the bridge is not really sturdy. I could see the rushing water from the windows. I was doing something with the people around there, helping them with setting up stuff. I didn't think we could go out and use the bridge, Some other midget was around and I was tellin

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School of the weird

Lucid Intent
Saturday, June 10 2006

scene 1- Recall being in school again, and I am going around the hallway. I had some class , I think english. But then I had to go down to the offices. For some reason this felt a bit Lucid or Like I was suppose to become lucid. Except that I am not really desiring to , since I noticed that some of the Offices were for dentist and appears like a office for a check -up? I recall looking down one hallway and there were nurses around. Peeking out of these rooms. I was reca


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