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A UFO encounter

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 21 2014

dream-1 I am out in our old backyard,it was mudd again [which it  is a recurring theme..or my dreams ..I am doing something..forgot what..and i noticed a shape in the sky ..which had some bright the sun..I was watching it awhile, thinking it was a UFO..and then it zapped out to another location..  the scene changed to the p*c parking lot..where I was watching the display there were more forming..not everyone was looking up..but I was in awe..over the displa

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Party discipline & price is right

Thursday, November 8 2007

scene 1 - I recall It is a bit in the 1800's again. There is a house. We are having some type of party. I was there walking around. I think I was some a little girl. I recall there being some type of brush [in a purple bag] up on the wall. I think they used it in the dream on one of the girls. I thought they would use it on me. But they were just yelling at me to go to the room. It felt weird that I was thinking of the brush . The setting was like the past. Even the people were


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