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Old Fashioned and bugged out

Sunday, September 30 2007

scene 1 _ I recall being at this big mansion. I feel like I am some other woman . From 1800's . I go into this nice big fancy room. I think its actually my room in the dream. I could hear some women talking down below. Something about marriage? I strangely wanted to drill some type of hole. - To actually peek down and see what they're talking about. - I had a feeling it was about me. I hear them wanting to see me? But I wouldn't go out of the room am trying to see if I could see th

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execution of fairys or vamps?

Friday, April 6 2001

dream 1- the setting takes place in old building. that seems to be back in time . the room is open and looks like a court room. I see a man -obese man- being taking in to the excution room . he had hand cuffs on. they close the door on and i could see on the the door - blood-written on the plack. I sit down on this bench and I am confused about death. I notice a silent movie- playing on the screen door about some princess? This man comes in and sees me looking confused. I could hear them


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