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Stranger strange postions

Lucid Intent
Monday, August 29 2016

I am at some unfamiliar building,and was on some level, not really aware of what floor - I could see someone over near the wall across from us. I could see it was 'bulldog' from Frasier- he was with someone , not sure if it was 'me' or someone from frasier 'like ross' he was sitting in some odd way and trying to remove the socks which [was green in color] - and I was  chuckling a bit. Til I hear the agents from 4400 - were trying to get the old guy from 'slipp

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Walking with Moses & blood drops

Wednesday, December 31 2014

  dream-1 I am on some unfamiliar land..and the grass wheat. I am with a group..that I didn't know any of them..except mom might of been there..we where looking for a certain path..but we weren't sure where it was in the woods nearby.. Suddenly a sound was heard the tall grass..and a old man came out ..holding a stick ..looking like 'mose's'  "If your looking for  a path ..follow me,'' We were startled..since he did look a LOT


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