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Hotel in the schoolyard and music box

Friday, July 20 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being out in the school yard, there is some house that's there? Since I am inside and looking over to where our neighbor's were. I actually think its a hotel . Since I felt I am staying there and yet its open . Really odd windows. I go towards one of them and telling mom on the phone that I am going to be here a bit. I also then notice someone was coming around towards the house. I noticed its Mr Sobel. [ex neighbor] I could see now that The sobles were living there.

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Dad abandonment and Shopping around

Wednesday, June 27 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being at home, and I came from somewhere? I don't recall where- When I was looking for Dad. I asked mom [in the past she isn't in wheelchair] where he was and she was calling for him and looking around for him. We were wondering where he could have gone. I recall seeing some of his things. That were left near the wall ? I think I found them out near the hotel. That I realized that dad is staying. THough I didn't see him. "I think he's staying around here. " I tell th

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Being Neigborly

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, March 20 2007

Dream 1- I am in our neighborhood. First I am visiting MRs Sobel. She use to be our neighbor. She takes me to her garage I recall asking her how she is. She had some sad face on her. She looked tired. She claimed she had something wrong with her eyes. I didn't believe her at first until I looked close up to her eyes. They are a bit red. She claimed to have diabetes I still couldn't believe when i was going in to help her. I saw some pics around of Heather and Halle- With the grandkids


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