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Wrapped too tightly in tinfoil - kill me- With AJ AND RICK

Wednesday, April 6 2011

dream 3- Ok another weird theme, I am in some place that I don't recognize, and at first am observing sam elliot, who is trying to get some tinfoil from a table that had paint can's on it, and there is another older woman there and they are talking about conspiracy, and I dont know  if they see me, but he has a naked blonde woman on this rickty wooded table, and she is face down, not sure if she is alive or not-?but he wraps her so tight in tinfoil, and I am like 'YOu can't do that, how wil

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Fancy House and water works- school mix up forms

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 3 2007

1)some other weird dream. I am in some nice fancy house. I happen to notice the window across where I am sitting. There is some water. Looks like waves from an ocean. I thought how nice they looked at first. just sitting on the couch [white] - I thought how neat to watch the water so close. The water couldn't enter. Though I noticed it got higher up. I still really wasn't too concerned about it getting in ? There is an older woman there and she had to go out . There also is her littl


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