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hoarding on plane

Monday, July 5 2010

dream, some weird dream about being in some room, and its very cramped. small rooms. I think it might of even been a airplane. For some reason it felt like we are going to be landing soon. I hear this and am getting up to get my things that I had stored. I had them in various parts of the room. I kept putting some in my pants and then in some other pocket, which is filling up, this time in the dream it changed, to not the dolls like in the past but various things, from little radios, and other i

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Shopping and getting Left behind

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 24 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being on the road. and with some members of the family. I am on Wiiston road. We are going to go to GRand undion . ? I think we stopped there for a little bit of shopping? I went into Brooks but its a bit like the past and I was seeing some stuff that I was going to get, but I hear they are ready to get going again. I had to go help with setting up the car. I think I went in . the store again and was getting somethings even had a shopping basket. I was seeing t


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