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Aimless walking

Tuesday, June 16 2009

dream- forgot that I had another dream about seeing Gail {she did come today but I knew she was]- I am seeing her near a car and she is just looking like she is walking aimlessly like a sim would- lol- and I said "OH i bet your looking forward to your trip " i think she is fixing her back car- and she says "MMM" - I see some papers that look to be for mom and IRS papers. - were ok. ? I guess we had to ask her about them, but in the dream its like she was just aimlessly walking like a SIM . end.

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Cats have Nine lives-?what about fishes

Monday, August 20 2007

scene 1) Some mixture of dreams- * I am in some house [i think its the golden girls set] and Blanche had some fish in her hand and she was like "Oh toss this thing out in the front " she actually tossed it in the water bin near her front door [which they don't have]* I am shocked that she does this and hope that the fish is ok. Wondering if she got something for the poor thing. scene 2) I am outside [front] when I happen to notice our neighbore's across the street were out and she is

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Driving me around and no place to go

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, January 30 2007

scene 1- I recall it takes place at home- and they like my hair- I was shocked that they would but they were saying its very becoming. So I was helping out at home too and making sure things are buckled down for the storm. It looks like a wind storm and a possible thunderstorm. So that's why we made sure the animals weren't by the window. Like Kiki Bird. etc. - I am then seeing marlene and she is doing the samething with her place. I must have gone over there in the dream too. I am as


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