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NO messing around with whoopi

Friday, February 25 2011

dream 3- Now I recall lol- well Its based on whoopi and her family and some other younger teens [black] I am not sure if I am in a hotel or its whoopi's place, I am trying to pack up  and find my things and talking to whoopi and her friend and the teens are just chatter chatter and I can't hear that well. - I was trying to gather my things together, and was frantic to get them all in. She is talking to me and another woman [think her daughter?} and joking around. I am seeing she is dressing

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2 tornadoes are better than 1?

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 11 2008

scene 1- I recall being at some strange house- its a 2 story white house that is out in some land. - I am at Laurie's house first with her and Rachel also -and We were moving things to the house I think? Well it looks a bit like a farm house- and WE are doing something in the kitchen [mom is there too]- I was talking to mom about something that I saw out in the field earlier I wasn't sure if it was a Tornado or not. -? We were putting things in boxes and such. - I happen to look out


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