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Johnny be good - Partying with mixed friends

Lucid Intent
Saturday, June 1 2013

dream 1- I am in the backseat of a car ,not sure who it was at first , until I noticed it was Johny depp is driving and I was shocked ..and elated at the same time I had so many questions and I was talking really fast he had to turn around and was facing me I was seeing he almost went into the median ...but he went back to the road .......and I was then in a strange town, and was shopping in a store [was a grocery store ] and had my own cart , wasn't sure what I was going to get , I went towards

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Jealousy can make something gross

Friday, June 16 2006

scene 1 I am at home, and the porch is set up like graduation party- etc- I am with Rachel for awhile in my room talking etc- like old times. Then KRis arrives. I happen to follow them down the semi- dark hall, and go to the dining-room. Laurie has stopped and is taking a pic of Rachel and Kris together . I was like "OF course its Kris first. " I felt really jealous. Sad . - since they seemed to be closer. scene 2- I went out back , and am feeling annoyed wan


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