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family gathering goes well

Sunday, April 12 2009

DREAM- I REMEMBER BEING AT HOME, AND THE FAMILY IS AROUND. WE ARE HAVING A GATHERING- the odd scene is where i am talking to scott in the kitchen and he has brought his girlfriend, and what's odd about it is she is the neighbor's girlfriend. !- blonde tall skinny. She is still called missy. She is really nice though, and sits in with us while in the living room- the couch is the old old green one we use to have- and near the window. I think Laurie is taking our order of what we want? or some kin

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Being Stalked

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, December 5 2006

I am at home. Something is going on with Rachel and Pat. I am trying to talk to Rachel about something that happened but I think she had to leave. I am in my room but the bed is more in the middle and it appears bigger . I think something had occured before where there is some other man- that is younger I 'd say a teenager. He has curly dark hair-. Was following me around. I think i might of been mentioning him, and she was telling me that he was someone from the school. I know


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