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Back to The Past *

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 5 2006

scene 1- Yes more,well this had to do with past. Since I am actually with jason,Kimmy,from past neighborhood- the odd thing was Kimmy had moved back to the neighborhood-. I am with Jason firts- and we playing with the tennis balls in the backyard [his]-I think that Linda- Godin is with Betty H- [Jason's mother}- well She comes out to say hello, and I was giving her a big hug- and asking about kimmy etc. Kimmy and jason are young too. I am not sure if I was young? well its eve

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Shaking the house*

Monday, April 3 2006

scene 1- I remember being at home, and in mom's room. we are on her bed and that's when the house was shaking and there was some earthquake. I am thinking we will be killed but fortuantly the house moves somewhat and I say "We are ok. " reaching for her hand. But as I am doing that, I felt another shake, and was like 'Dam here it comes again. ' This time the house felt like it was going around in circles. I thought for sure we would be goners. But ironically we are ok after


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