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All in the family business

Wednesday, April 28 2010

dream- think I recall another dream about kris and her friend from way back coming in to visit and I am asking her where molly is?- and she says at home with ron playing. - and we were doing something in the kitchen with  her friends. -? and  I think that dad is around too and we are cleaning things since KRis is taking stuff for her place in barre?- and I was helping them, and also we were talking to michael. -and over near the side of the house picking up branches i think , even cris

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Lucid Neighborhood

Monday, July 7 2008

Dream 1- This seemed to first be a dream at home, and I am doing something in the bathroom and Laurie is talking about something , some picnic? I go out to ask her something about a woman  i had seen that I think mentioned Laurie and she wanted to know her name but I couldn't really remember. I think we got into a tizzy a bit about it- and that's when I had done something  in the bathroom i don't recall what.  I think I had gotten mad at her for not mentioning the picnic. - The c


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