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Meeting old friends from the past,hanging up high,past

Tuesday, June 24 2014

dream-I am in a unfamilar building, not sure if it was a hotel or a school..the colors were dark red and brown black...I am picking up some books and going out the door..I was in a big parking lot- and went over to go to a drug store, and picked up something ..then was waiting for the bus [same area again, ] I go on a bus and its in  the country ride, recall that I was with no one I really knew- and it was crowded- I get off at around the wiliston road area- then I am at my old home and wai

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Being a Vampire ain't No Picnic-

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 19 2005

scene 1- Seems like its my week for vampism- I remember being in some strange setting- its a mansion? and we are down in the cellar it looks like- and Me and some others- had to go down- there - and I was sitting- in some chair facing the madem- and the others were standing around the room- some were young and others were older- She was showing us the torture-racks- and she had a whip? but she was telling us that We had to all write a Vampire story- or if we didn't we would be


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