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Tuesday, April 29 2008

dream 1- I remember another dream from yesterday , and I had to write it here- forgot* I am near the cemetery [jewish one]- and I was seeing the headstones and had takin some pictures of the stones and showing them to some friend in the dream. I am more excited about the graves then she was and I was like "Isn't this cool " showing her the pics and seeing something or one of the graves looked open or dug into. She wasn't so thrilled and I felt oddly excited about seeing the graves

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Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 13 2007

scene 1 ) I am at my friends' workplace. It doesn't seem to be like where she worked in the dream, more spacious. I was talking to the woman in charge and she was asking me if I wanted to work and help out? I was glad to and was also telling her that i have experience in taking care of the handicap and she was thrilled to have someone help out with that. We were walking around the place and that's when i saw marlene and I was telling her how I was going to work with her now. I was


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