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Play acting with celebrites

Monday, March 10 2008

dream 1- I recall this dream had some celebrity in it. Simon and Simon. I am with them near our high-school and going after some guy? I remember too them riding on bikes. AJ got a bit annoyed at rick for choosing bikes. ? I saw them near the trees by the schools. I was trying to tell them about the guy - I am not sure if it was the man that took out hearts? or the one that- was just there as a character from a movie? I am trying to keep  up with them.  While riding bikes, I was then

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Frasier and Martin's play but broke up

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, December 26 2006

Scene 1 -- I recall doing something for Rachel first . I think we are over on Wiliston road. We had eatin lunch- then we stopped at some house [two story] In the dream I think it had to do with Frasier. SInce I recall I was wanting Rachel to do something with me and she had to wait for her boyfriend or go meet him-. She seems younger and is nervous. I think she had some flowers and was going out to take it too him. I went around the kitchen and was going to make someth


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