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Moving homes and new neighbors

Saturday, November 4 2006

Scene 1- I am at home. Some odd things are going on. I am downstairs using the dolls with some oriental guy? with Rachel. We are setting up the houses [basement is like the past no office] We set up some oriental ornaments too. I had to ask him about one of the statues. ? He says its left upstairs. I went upstairs. The statue is on the shelf. While I am looking at it, I hear these sirens that our coming down our street. I didn't think that it was for anything impor

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Dolls from the past *

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 19 2006

scene 1- I recall being over at our neighbor's and in the basement. The basement seems a bit larger int the dream. There were other people around. * Some were kids. I am also setting up some doll things. I think its for Rachel and some other kids. They are enjoying it . I heard some adult was saying we had to pick up , since we had to go -out to somewhere esle. I am trying to clean up the area with some broom and also was wanting to move some other doll things over to the


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