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Held 'hostage by TODD" the child torture and molester

Saturday, June 2 2012

dream 1- I am in some strange place, with some people of all age groups- mostly from young kids to teenagers-[boys mostly]- one or 2 girls-I do not recognize the place or the people. The only one that I do really know is yes another doll human [Todd]- but he doesn't really look like the doll, but acts like him because the reason why we are all here is cuz he is sexually abusing us. Also there is a man that or a teenage boy in his 20's -- that is oddly attached to this machine, and its got electr

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Mother gets around and police come around

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, August 29 2007

scene 1) I am in a mixture of scenes. Some are a bit vague- I am at home and seeing mom actually using her walker and moving around about the house- also was seeing her at physical therapy and walking . She even went downstairs. We were shopping too. Back at home she was going around the living room etc. - I think the part about seeing me going o some blanket was around this dream since I felt I am trying to escape . Something? or retreat into something. scene 2) I recal


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