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Meeting in odd places

Friday, July 4 2008

dream 2- I am with amanda again, and we are shopping around I think its downtown. We got some phones I think I picked up a track phone. - I am trying to program it- ? We were walking down this hall- and she had some stuff in her bag. - There is a christmas tree in a room and she was telling me about how she put on the top of the tree. - I think she is trying to tell me about how she puts it on, and I was trying to tell her that she has to move it more to the middle. She is on a ladder.  

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To be wary of the stinker outside

Lucid Intent
Saturday, January 20 2007

scene 1- Some night lol- Well recall being about at home again- some other weird dream- about disaster- and it felt a bit a part of the other dream at home- watching the jeffersons. - and its like a reflection on what happened while alone? Something to do with some odd part- about these 2 girls young- and talking about the boat trip? Since I am watching- and seeing in the backyard they had been on this cruise- ship - well boat and I see the image as the girl is talking- and th


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