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Baby coming or Not?

Monday, April 23 2007

scene 1- Something about going into a strange house. Its very humid out I don't know the house in life. Its out in some country. I go in and there is a bed there . I could see all the clothing. on and around the bed. etc. so its not really a neat place. There is some black woman on the bed sweating and She is in a dark dress. [blue]. She appears to be in agony and I hold her hand. She says "I am suppose to be in Labor. " I guess the baby wasn't coming out or it was going to be

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Undergrowned Weirdness with Queen of Dammedness

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 25 2006

Scene 1- Some sure weird dreams. mm- merry x-mass is over lalal-a Ok well First I am with some odd group - I don't really know them in life. But in the dream they are more like from another fantasy world. I mean By the fantasy. - Is like Vampires. Wearing Dark clothing but are out in day light and its winter cold near some woods. I felt like We're a part of this group until someone was announcing - that the queen and king were dead and going underground . We were of cours


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