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Purchasing some artifacts and raging river

Sunday, July 15 2007

scene 1 ) I recall I am in some shopping mall. I go to this one room that has a few of the street. -- I am browsing some odd artifacts,and they look Egyptian I am wanting to purchase some of these items. I think I was looking at some symbol statue but I don't know what it ment? I happen to look out the window. I see there is water surging through the streets. Like its a river. I was wondering how we would get away ? But then I went to more to looking at the artifacts. I was thinking of

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Buying the wrong box?

Wednesday, March 28 2007

scene 1 - recall going down this hallway that is in some odd building- . I think its a collector's store. I could see some odd stuff. There is a woman [obese] was way down at the other end and is in charge of the store or what is in the hallway. I was looking at different items . and this one box caught my eye- I felt in dream its the one I wanted at spencer's and better grab it while i can-but as I looked down in my arms - the box is pink- and I was still holding it in dream and wa

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Store the Current Years-

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 6 2006

scene 1- I am at some country store looking around- think I had come with mom and dad but I didn't see them I noticed the store owner [man older]- had a bunch of country and christmas stuff out- even though its not christmas- Very nice store - some other woman was walking around too- . Well I happen to notice by the counter area that he had the cute country calandar's - I recognized since mom usually gets those for christmas- well I looked at them- and I saw it was 2001 so


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