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Getting to the root of the hole matter- Sexual abuse acts

Saturday, December 10 2011

dream- I am at home and walking in the backyard, when my foot goes in a hole, its first not a very big hole, but keep walking and another hole, and almost fall into it because its so big, and i happen to look down there and see some tree stumps, and also some moldy black stuff and also some rats were down there, I wanted to tell someone , but there isn't anyone around, and was just kept looking down to see what is causing this to happen.     2-- Then am in a hotel, and I wa

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Assault by all kinds of Rats

Lucid Intent
Friday, July 15 2005

Setting- Neighbores house . But in the past. Rooms- garage- added attic bathroom. people- Me ,ex neighbore from past Kimmy. and ms burke-a friend of hers. Theme- I am going over to mr sobles {past} house to check on the cats? With my friend Kimmy. She is an old neighbore of mine. She use to be a playmate and in dream she is the same age as she was when she left. Well I felt like I was going over to check on the cats, but when we went in there is another room that I h


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