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Lucid with mom and dad 'Telling me about after life ''

Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Sunday, May 1 2016

I am again up on a unfamiliar mountain.  Mom is there and dad sitting around the campfire. The familir camper is there , but this time its open .   I was asking them about how it was like when they died .   Dad was sipping from a silver container and mom and I had a stick with marshmellows over the fire.     He said ''There is a bright light and you do go through a tunnel. I met with my family members whom had passed on. The feelings were just of lo

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Being friendly with aliens

Monday, June 6 2011

dream 1- I am with amanda and shane in a bedroom, I don't recognize the bedroom,  We are joking around laying around having fun, I didn't want to leave,I was checking my cell and think I had to go. But before I went there is some odd scene with some small talking alien creature, he is blue [dark] and shaggy. but he is funny and not threating at all as I put him next to the bed posts. I was asking "Where he came from" yada yada. I had to get going but this was hilarious. It had to do with UF


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