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3D sims won't talk to me - trouble with pets

Wednesday, August 23 2006

scene 1 - Some weird,dream. I am in the basement. - [past set up no office]- Well its semi-dark. I could see some characters that are acting like the sims. 2- and they are sitting down to eat. There are some purple lights that are on the seats that I think is cool. I am sitting , with them and wishing that they would beable to talk to me . I am trying to talk to them, and get them to talk but they are like sims 2 and just chat together and eat walk around. Just felt like

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Returning Lilly-Grateful or ANNoyed?

Lucid Intent
Saturday, January 21 2006

scene 1- I am walking along the mall [by the road ]- with marlene- we had just gone shopping- when I happen to see- Lilly- Michaels dog [neigbor's]-out in the road. [traffic]- We manage to get her and we had to take her to micheales [walking along wiliston road and its winter]- Some how we managed to get a leash- ? and we went to micheals.. scene 2- We end up at michaels- only oddly we are in his basement and I don't think it actually looks like his basement- [smaller]-lots


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