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High anxiety conqured

Thursday, January 26 2012

dream-1) I am riding the bus home, after the asbemly at school, and we are on back roads that I don't recall in waking life- all of us are talking about the time at school. We get to a big bridge, and its green and older looking. For some reason I don't know how the bus got on the bridge with the tiny boards and was able to see through to the water below. We had to go out of the bus and up on the railings to get over the other side, and I am up on the bridge crawling and way up ''HIGH" and its s

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making the grade? weird feelings

Wednesday, January 13 2010

dream- I don't really recall to much, had some images of mr hart and he is doing something over a pool? and they are in a fancy hotel again. I think I do talk to him about some people in the restaurant? and then I am driving to some other back roads? I think i might of also had a dream about school and trying to measure up to the A pluss students and I see some got Cs and I guess I got a failure grade? or some passing one that I am shocked about and again on the school bus and a woman driver. -


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