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Giving 'half-ass advice" & judge judy showroom

Lucid Intent
Sunday, July 19 2015

  dream.. Some good dreams,guess my dream-self heard me..Now see if I remember them.. I recall I am in some strange town..and was sitting near a window in what looks like a old tavern..with wooden seats,and walls were of faded grey wood..with some old photos on the walls ..I am seated with some people ..well 2 I recall..and one was a black woman, dressed in a raggedy long white skirt and a wrinkled dark tan shirt with a white top hat around her head. I think she was asking for advi

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I don't like spiders or snakes & hanging out with Harry

Sunday, November 30 2014

  dream-1  I am in a unfamiliar setting,and it looked like I was on top of a building..its not very high, and think it might be the top of a gas station...and was with a young child [girl]..I go to the edge of the building and wanted to jump down , since there is more land and trees there.."Go ask how high up we are, I would like to see more..'' I sat on the edge ..and just was looking at the trees and land..was semi dark, since I recall the sun was setting down... an


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