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Chinese Food?&Sad holidays *

Saturday, May 10 2008

dream  10- wow what a action night- . Well I recall being in a restaurant and I think it was rotisure- however you spell it- well its very busy and i think i am with mom? this chinese guy had some display of food trey and he was trying to get someone to purchase it . I went through the crowd with mom and was approaching him near the front exit. I ask him about the food and if it had crab rangons? I see bottles of water? or vodka on the trey and wasn't sure if it even had food? I am asking

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Masks of Death.

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, March 15 2006

scene 1- Some weird dream about dealing with mom and dad being OLDER and MOM is in a wheelchair. We are standing in the basement. The basement looks like Michaels [our neigbours]-. I see dad is rolling mom towards the back-room area . Felt like we are waiting to have their faces modeled. ITs suppose to be for after they are dead. So we don't forget what they look like. I am not really liking the idea. I couldn't get over how mom and dad were so old. I felt sad and I didn't even w


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