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Controlling The Ghosts- and Rescuing animals.

Lucid Intent
Thursday, November 22 2007

Scene 1) I am over at my sisters house. Something weird was going on there. I felt that I was waiting for My sister to come back. There were some ghosts around because I was seeing the curtains open and closing in the living room. - I was a bit freaked out. Until I got to see it was a little ghost doing it. I recall that I was trying to tell her to stop making the curtains close. I was then able show Laurie and rachel that there was a ghost around here and I oddly was the one Closing a

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To save the animals

Wednesday, November 7 2007

scene 1-- I recall some sad scenes. I was standing in some strange area least I didn't really know the land in waking life. I was near some animals. There was even some horses. I was talking to some people and while I was I saw some were being on fire? think there was some fires. I was so sad to see one horse go down and I was asking "Isn't there anyway to save them?" I don't think they were dead though since they were saying that they would be moved to another location. I had to ge

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Strangers around the animals

Thursday, June 28 2007

scene 1) I recall going down our street and something was happening to some people in some house. I recall going in the place. The family was working on something and there was some teens there. I recall talking to them but I don't know them in real life. The house was a bit cluttered I was picking up some stuff and talking to the teen girl . I don't recall what about.. I also went into some room. The room had some kitten inside. I think it almost got out on the street? So I was tryi


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