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Weird Lucid night

Lucid Intent
Thursday, June 7 2007

scene 1) make this a short one but its a long night of weird dreaming. - So I only have time for one- I am walking with the new dreamer on here [jarrod]- we are walking in some dark alley like. Its behind some buildings. I don't know this area in real life. We are walking together and We see this older homeless woman. She has some kite in her hands and she wanted to fly the kite we say "Its a bit dark for that now don't ya think?" She is real nasty and says "Mind your own business

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Not fitting in and Mouse Trapp?

Friday, June 1 2007

dream 1) I am in school- I think its high school . We are in the gym room. There is a lot of students- It feels a bit like we are in class. The gym teacher is lining us up to where we should be. I wanted to be near some other group that I knew more. ? I was feeling a bit shy. To even approach and ask. The gym teacher was even our old gym teacher. I think he was just putting us in order by name and I didn't want to be near this other boy. I kept looking for someone [Brian G] and I knew I had


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