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Wrong way Bus- and rocky roads ahead.

Friday, September 17 2010

dream- recall being in school i think and going down the crowded hallways. was with some friends and all n we were in another part of the school and we see the buses coming, and I was on a bus for a while with rick b - and some other familiar people its raining out. I go off the bus and thought its going the wrong way, I am oddly then on some bike and following some other boy on a dirt and rocky path. I am trying not to fall off over the big bumbs. -and I guess we end up near the mall only near

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Mashing around with Hawkeye

Tuesday, August 4 2009

dream- I think I had some more dreams about seeing hawkeye and Charles, i was talking to them down some hallway? I am looking to see if Radar is around. I think this dream I am in school again? and with them. I know i had to help out with Margret. - I recall seeing the mash compound. and its semi-dark. I also recall something about the sobels? and maybe going on a bus ? a bit vague. I think I dream of bessettes house and amanda there with someone? I dunno- its a bit vague. maybe recall later. en


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