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Taking down the old and putting up the new

Thursday, January 3 2013

dream -1 i am at home and i noticed  some halloween ,stuff on the windows and i just pulled them off ,without order and saw she put up the halloween witch too - i had to take them down pile them up ...and mom was telling me to keep them up , but i told her ''its over '' ..and dad is there telling her to let me take them down. i think i had to keep them down..and just continue to clean up ... its winter outside and i wanted to put up x-mass stuff. I am talking to scott too and he is sne

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ghostly images of jim and other stuff

Friday, October 30 2009

dream- forgot about the other scenes with seeing Jim from Ghost whisperers and Melinda's friend is there too , and we are all in some odd room, I think it might of been something - where we were trying to figure out some case? but I also recall hugging Dahlia [don't know her spelling] and we were hugging over the loss of someone? and- she has on some black outfit- and then we are doing something else in the antique place I think? was a bit scattered. - maybe a baby was involved too?- Also over a


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